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If a woman wants to lose weight, then she must keep a so-called diary of a losing weight girl.

To do this, you need to create a weight loss program so that it is systemic in nature. You can skauti pripravuj 60 let kulturistiky side effects see an example of such a program here http://zhenskij-vzgljad.ru/. It should reflect an integrated approach not only to diet, but also to physical exercise.

Before starting to lose weight, you should consult a doctor and tell about your problems, if any. You may need to take tests for the presence of blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides. The results of the analyzes should be recorded in a diary, as these indicators can be compared after a few months upon repeated delivery.

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Immediately you need to buy an electronic scale. They determine mort subite du culturiste ben hernett body weight and percentage of fat component.

The diary of a losing weight girl begins with filling out the date. It also records a graph of weight changes and an indicator of the presence of adipose tissue.

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Having studied the table of caloric content of products, based on height and weight, you need to draw up a nutrition scheme for each meal. The amount of calories consumed is signed for the coming week. This nutritional record can be adjusted according to well-being. If you can’t do it yourself, then a nutritionist will help you create a table of high-calorie foods jumbo predstavuje kolekci sportswear s nvrhrem jos muscle.

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A well-chosen diet in combination with physical activity will give excellent results, so you need to make a set of exercises in the diary of a losing weight girl.

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An effective program of physical activity can be made by yourself. Whoever has the opportunity and desire to visit the gym, it is worth resorting to the advice of an instructor or trainer, who will help you choose the set of necessary exercises. The most important thing is not to overtraining, and the diary entry will help.

It is necessary to ensure that fasting days do not coincide with increased physical activity. The number of exercises must be increased gradually, all this should be reflected in the diary. In addition to practicing at home or in the gym, it’s good to do jogging, walking, cycling, and turn on a hula hoop.

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If you have a malaise or a cold, you must abandon the stress and not engage for a week. All this must be recorded in the diary of a losing weight girl.

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Thanks to the entries in the diary, you can make adjustments to the diet, physical activity, and monitor the dynamics of weight loss.

If you follow all the recommendations that are recorded in the diary of a losing weight girl, you can achieve excellent results. A woman will become slim, attractive, desired. She will have a great mood, healthy appearance.