Alba is differentiated and provides a great added value thanks to the vision that generates each structural project, always on four main axes:

Structural Safety
Architectural coupling
Economic viability
Construction information

nos1Structural safety
All projects satisfy the highest
standards of structural safety
(national and / or international),
in terms of resistance
and serviceability.
 linea-nosotros nos2Architectural coupling
The structural project
must be integrated into
the architectural project.
candado raya-roja
Economic viability
It is clear that the most important
thing in a project is”to be built”,
so we use cutting-edge technology
and tools (theoretical and computational)
to find efficiency in the structure,
which generates more economically
viable projects.
linea-nosotros nos4
Construction information
We generate precise plans
with the necessary information
and details, guaranteeing minimum
construction errors
and / or interpretation.
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